TM Appleseed Child Care Centre
Appleseed teaches from a thematic approach to learning.  The teachers plan a topic for a two week block of time.  The theme focus is presented to the children through circle times.  The learning circle will provide the venue to discuss the theme and expand on the children's current knowledge.  Through the use of songs, games, puppets, fingerplays, drama and stories the children will gain insight and information about the world around them.  We continually include games that teach classification, seriation, colour, shape and number identification.  The singing and story time circle continues to build on what was taught at the learning circle.  Crafts and table activities also support the theme of the week whenever practical.  Some of our goals are to  encourage the love of learning, the value of books, reading and to develop curiousity and the freedom to ask questions to expand understanding.
Below is a partial list of the themes that we present throughout the year:

Appleseed and Me                        Fun In The Fall                      Nocturnal Animals        
The Circus                                   Dinosaurs                             Fun on The Farm
Christmas (Traditional, Folklore, Fantasy)                                  Health and Nutrition
Winter Olympics                         Transportation                        Winter Wonderland
ABC's and 1,2,3's                         Books Are Fun                      Signs of Spring
Easter                                         Emotions                               Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Fun In The Sun                            Under the Sea                        It's A Jungle Out There
Children Around The World          Our Five Senses                      Music and Movement
Heros In The Bible                        The Artic                              How Does That Work?

SUMMER CAMP THEMES 2008 (Suitable for Grade 1-6)

July 1-11

This theme offers your young artist an opportunity to explore a plethora of art mediums.  Campers will enjoy working with charcoal, pastels, paints and clay.  They will be introduced to digital photography with activities that will build their confidence in staging and taking pictures with an artistic flare. Your child's creativity will be nurturned, explored, and developed.  They will leave this camp experience inspired to express themselves in many different and creative ways.

"Little Chefs"
July 14-25

This theme offers a delicious array of making, baking and creating.  Your little chef will learn culinary skills through usual and unusual recipes.  The days are action packed with hands on cooking, demonstrations from chefs and bakers, and behind the scene trips to the kitchens of local eateries.  Your child will discover the process and pleasure of cooking and sharing food together.  Join us as we interact, have fun and make, bake and create in the kitchen!

"Wacky and Wild Scientists"
July 28-August 15

Become a Mad Scientist while creating bubbling and bursting chemical reactions. Explore the science of batteries, bulbs and circuits. Put your engineering skills to the test as we build and design bridges, boats, planes and more. Come join us as we transform Appleseed into a secret lab where science and imagination come together to create wacky and wild inventions.

"Secret Agents!"
August 18-29

Have you always dreamed of being a super sleuth? Use your forensic skills, experiment with disguises, crack secret codes, and untangle the web of mysteries presented throughout the week. Let your imagination take you away as you set up headquarters, leave encrypted messages for your teammates, take on secret missions, use real walkie talkies, read maps and much more. We will end this theme with a thrilling scavenger hunt that will push your super sleuth skills to the limit!

Registration is based on a first come, first served bases. One-week notice is requested if you are cancelling your registration.