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Appleseed Waiting List

Appleseed maintains a Waiting List for those families who wish to place their child's name on the list for when a position becomes available in one of our programs. Please note that your child must be born in order to place your child on the Appleseed Waiting List.

There is no cost or commitment to go on the Appleseed Waiting List. All that is required is that you email the required information to us with the request to go on the list. When a spot in the program becomes available, our registrar will reach out to the next person on our list to offer the spot. If that person declines the spot, we will then move on to the next person on the list. 

Our programs are usually full throughout the year, however we do see major transitions and spots opening up in September of each year when our preschoolers head off to Junior Kindergarten. Our registrar begins building our September class lists in May and June each year and begins calling people on our waiting list to fill the spots being vacated by the preschoolers moving on to Junior Kindergarten. This is the best time for opportunity to enter an Appleseed program. While most of our classes remain static for the school year, we do see some movement throughout the year at times. (Families moving away, or current families' needs change.) These spots are filled from the waiting list.

If you would like to place your child on the waiting list, please complete the form below:

Waiting List Form

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